DMIT Test for Toddlers

DMIT Test for Toddlers based on Important Parenting Tips. The capabilities must be gathered and focused on with the right multiple intelligence test for Toddlers. Influence on creativity and analytically thinking from the left & right sides of your brain.

DMIT for Toddlers

DMIT for Toddlers

It is a fact that preschool age or the age of toddlers is where the foundations for lifelong are laid. It is the age for the adaptability of new information and brain functions.

In these years, 60% of the brain development happens and every parent is concerned about the right direction of parenting. It is like a tabula rasa i.e. a fresh blank slate with all kinds of learning opportunities thrown at them. It is highly unlikely that the first things that the parents write on this blank slate will be a masterstroke.

Hence, one has no option but to move forward without a clue. Thus, knowing the child’s innate potential, learning style, personality and alot more with the help of DMIT which helps parents to nurture their child effectively.

DMIT helps the parents to:

  • Social exposure
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Preschool Selection
  • Cognitive Development
  • Extra Curriculum Development
  • Learning Style
DMIT Test for Toddlers


Know your inborn Talent with DMIT Test and be a Winner